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BTW, Before I go ... Who was I?

BIO: Hans frequently ponders what he might become once he grows up. At 72, he’s still pondering, but at this age he also ponders what he has been.

Born after World War 2 to refugees from continental Europe, he was raised and educated in the UK as a Reform Jew. He gifted his version of the human Genetic Code to 3 living sons (he considers them the least difficult but most significant accomplishment of his life) and encouraged his sons them to practice religion, if any, according to their own conscience. He feels fortunate to have enjoyed his 50-year career as an academic surgeon and medical researcher. After emigrating to America working by then for an international pharmaceutical company developing new cancer treatments, he also used his doctorate in behavioral psychology to maintain a clinical practice supporting executives and employees, and for improving corporate culture. His personal life has been punctuated by several very close encounters with death, most recently one just 2 years ago which he’ll share with us soon. He derives the greatest fulfillment in retirement from loving Sandra ever more deeply. Six years ago they moved to SunRiver from San Diego to spend as much time as possible with Sandra’s widowed mother before her death from chronic lung disease.

The title of his talk today is, “By The Way, Before I Go, Who Was I?”, with a subtitle, ”Reflections on a Life Never Over”. Quoting his own words, he joins us “as a soul still-in-the-making”.


Philosophy for Aging hdeh
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