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How Racist Our We?

Michael Kruse facilitated the October 10, 2021 service with a challenging overview of racism in our community and nation. Racism in this context includes African Americans, Indigenous Americans, Asian Americans and other people of color.

Michael Kruse member Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Southwest Utah
Michael (Mike) Kruse is a UUFSU member. Active in promoting anti-racism on the Interfaith Council and through presentations on the ICL class on Anti-racism.

"We live in a racist nation, built by slaves, where we exterminated 12 million native

Americans, invaded and took over a sovereign country (Mexico) and continue to discriminate, injure and kill people of color. Institutional racism is rampant in housing , education, hiring, promotion, the media, military and government.

I was educated in a segregated Phoenix High School due to real estate red lining.

Not a single Black or Native American in my graduating class of hundreds. I graduated from ASU, that was 90% white. One of my first jobs was working as a border agricultural inspector in AZ. My fellow workers called Black people “Leroys”!"

Click here to read the entire presentation.


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