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The Intelligence of Humans, Animals and Plants

Robert M. Kramer, PhD

Brief Biography - DR ROBERT CRAMER
Dr. Kramer is director and instructor at the Institute for Continued Learning, a lifelong learning program sponsored by Dixie State University. He is also the co-founder of the St George wellness and longevity program, “Live Long. Live well.”
Rob earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Utah. Through his varied and extensive career, Dr. Kramer has been passionate about wellness and has pioneered wellness solutions. While most of his 35-year career has been in healthcare leadership positions, he has continued to deliver life coaching, meditation and hypnosis to individuals and groups, and has continued a lifelong study of wellness, positive psychology and personal motivation. Dr. Kramer has also been a frequent speaker at national conferences.
Early in his career, Dr. Kramer worked with victims of abuse, both children and adults, who were victims of abuse as children. This led to developing expertise in helping individuals overcoming trauma, which had become a barrier to personal growth and happiness. He also helped his clients to develop resilience, which led him to offering hypnotherapy and meditation.
Dr. Kramer served as SVP of Strategic Planning for Human Affairs International, creating one of the first depression management programs for Aetna. He was director of adolescent psychiatry services for Intermountain Health and was CEO of Highland Ridge Hospital, which treated patients with addictions and severe psychiatric disorders.
Much of his career has focused on developing and integrating wellbeing programs with behavioral counseling programs. Dr. Kramer was VP of Product Development for Ceridian LifeWorks where he and his product management team designed integrated online, telephonic and in-person wellbeing programs. As VP of Health Plan Client Services at StayWell, he led a team that implemented and managed online and telephonic wellbeing solutions for major health plans.
Dr. Kramer has received numerous awards and recognition in his various roles, including: Director of the Year at Wasatch Canyons Hospital (Intermountain Health Care); CEO of the year at Pioneer Health (Highland Ridge Hospital); Presidents Circle and LifeWorks Business Development Leader of the Year at Ceridian Corporation and The Top Performer’s Club every year while at Staywell.

Human, Animal & Tree Intelligence
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