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What Music Means To Me - Paul Van Dam

At 83 Paul Van Dam has had a lifelong love of music including a musical career. Music entered his life at a very young age when his mother and father both encouraged him to sing and learn to play the guitar. During years in high school, college, and after, he pursued music and played with several groups during that time.

His legal career, including his time serving as Salt Lake County District Attorney and Utah’s AG, did not keep him from pursuing his passion for music. After retirement he continued playing with friends and since 2014 has performed monthly at the Southern Utah Veterans Home, which he does virtually now.

Paul’s lifelong involvement with music has taken him through the good times and the bad and has always been a good friend.


Leader is Joyce Spinelli


Welcome - Joyce

Lighting the Chalice - Peggy & Rob

Introduction of Paul Van Dam - Joyce

Program: What Music Means To Me - Paul Van Dam

Extinguishing the Chalice - Peggy & Rob




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